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Self Love

When girls have high self-esteem, they're more likely to be successful.


Self Love

Lisa Hollis loves her hair!  But it was a lifelong journey to embrace her God-given beauty, inside out.  Now, Lisa shares her secrets to self-love with girls - Generation Z - all over the country.  "When girls have high self-esteem, they're more likely to be successful.  I want them to succeed in everything they do and feel GREAT about it!"


She asked for the “hair book” last night when we were blow drying her hair.

Why Hairpowerment?

When girls feel good about themselves, they are more likely to excel in life.

My books are focused on helping little girls embrace their unique beauty, from the tips of their toes to the roots of their hair - every strand!  

Support this movement of Little Girl Hair Empowerment by getting your copy of "Me and My Hair" and "Me and My Beautiful Me" today!

Discover books to promote positivity and build young girls and boy's self esteem. Check out Lisa's new book, Me and My Beautiful Me.

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About the Author

Lisa M Hollis

Lisa Hollis is the wife to a loving and supportive husband Joe Hollis. She is also mother of two beautiful young ladies and two handsome young men who she has had the joy to watch succeed everyday. Lisa knows how blessed she is, and is passionate about sharing the joys of  "positive productivity" in establishing loving relationships with our children. Knowing the benefit of positive productivity through her own experiences being raised by wonderful parents, Lisa shares her wisdom with others as an author and certified life coach through her movement of Hairpowerment.  


Hairpowerment is the empowerment of young girls to love every inch of themselves - from the tips of their toes to the roots of their hair - every curly, straight, coily, braided, and everything in between and under creation!  An inspirational and motivational speaker, Lisa loves talking to Generation Z (girls ages 8 to 18) on how to embrace their individuality and grow to be self-assured young ladies. 

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